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Physical damage/LCD Broken
14'',14.''15'',15.4'' LCD replacement
8.9'',10'',12.1'',13.3'' LCD replacement
15.6'',16'',16.4'',17'' LCD replacement
Borken or loose Part problem (describe below)

Power Related Problem
NOTE: If power problem, please send the battery and AC adapter with the notebook
Cant turn on unit with AC Adapter
Cant turn on unit with battery only
Cant charge battery
Power adapter connection loose (DC JACK LOOSE)
Keyboard Problem
Not functioning
Missing keys
Stuck/damaged keys
Liquid split on keyboard
Cooling System Problem
CPU fan not working
Dust clean up
Internet Connectivity Problem
Wired Connection (Ethernet/LAN)
Wired Connection (Phone modem)
Wireless Connection
Software Problem
Virus or Spyware removal
Windows reloading
Unlock bios/windows password
Video/Sound Related Problem
No display
Lines in screen
No display on external video
Color Fade (LCD Display dim)
Webcam problem
No sound
Dsitorted sound
Microphone/Headphone jack
Other video (describe below)

LCD Display Problem
System Related Problem
System freezes up BEFORE booting
System freezes up AFTER booting
System shuts down on its own
System reboots on its own
System stops with blue screen
Unable to perform system restore
Memory Error message
Liquid Damage
Noise (describe below)

Other issue not listed above

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